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M-Business Anywhere 6.5

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  • Developer QuickStart Guide for M-Business Anywhere 6.5
    Provides streamlined instructions for developers who have downloaded the M-Business Anywhere 6.5 Developer Edition to get up and running as fast as possible.

  • Introduction to M-Business Anywhere 6.5
    Provides a high-level overview of mobile application development on the M-Business Anywhere platform, with cross references to detailed implementation instructions in the Application Developer Guide. Read this as an introduction to the M-Business Anywhere development environment, or simply to get an overview of the functionality that is available.

  • Application Developer Guide for M-Business Anywhere 6.5
    Provides detailed guidance for developing enterprise mobile applications for the M-Business Anywhere platform, highlighting differences from desktop web development. Illustrates major concepts with DHTML code samples.

  • API Reference for M-Business Anywhere 6.5
    Includes introductory information, system architecture, a detailed API reference, and sample C code. For application developers who wish to access the full power of the M-Business Anywhere public APIs, from either JavaScript or C.

  • UltraLite M-Business Anywhere Programming 10.0.1
    Describes use of UltraLite for M-Business Anywhere for developing and deploying web-based database applications to handheld, mobile, or embedded devices.

  • DHTML sample code Version 6.5
    Provides sample code that illustrates use of DHTML on the M-Business Anywhere platform. Download this to see examples of DHTML code that implement specific features, or use the sample code as a starting point for portions of your application.

  • PODS API resources Version 6.5
    Provides sample code and header files for setting up the M-Business client extension API development environment in C. Download this if you plan to develop platform-specific code modules in C, in order to achieve maximum performance in particular processes.

  • M-Business XML API resources Version 6.5
    Provides debugging tools, header files, and copies of .prc and .dll files for installing M-Business XML conduit on the device. Download this if you want to use the M-Business XML API capabilities in to your applications.

  • M-Business XML API code samples Version 6.5
    Provides sample code files for building applications with M-Business XML conduit.

End User

  • User Guide for M-Business Anywhere Client 6.5
    Provides instructions for installing and configuring M-Business Client on a user's mobile device, including registering accounts, adding and syncing channels, switching servers, and using the full capabilities of M-Business Client. Administrator will occasionally need to refer to this guide to support users.